Are you a student??
Are you a social media influencer??
Are you an enterprenuer??
Are you a blogger??
Are you an Artist??

Do you have any business you want the world to know??
Do you want your voice to be heard in Nigeria and even across the world??
Do you want to be part of the campus ambassador where you will meet different people and get a chance to travel around the world??Do you want your business to be sponsored and posted to the world where we have more than ten million audience round the globe??
Your answer is *OPERA NEWS*
Opera news give you all the latest news you need to know ranging from Football News,Celebrity lifestyle, Gossip, Comedy, Hottest event around the globe, Education, latest job opportunities, Trending videos ETC..
Click the link bellow to download the app…

You can contact the UNILAGCampus Ambassador 1 on 08075252234 or send a DM on IG @kammy9ja
Looking forward in working with you guys
Thanks a lot


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