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Love of a Realist Ep1 [Nike’s Valentine]

The phone rang. Nike hurried to get it. It was Valentine’s Day. As she made the dash from the kitchen to the sitting room of her posh three bedroom flat, she could not but wonder who it was. She searched around for where the phone’s sound was coming from. “Femi” she said aloud as she stared at the caller id. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be excited or surprised. It was two weeks since their argument and the way it had ended, it looked like it was the end. “Hello” she said as she answered the call. She didn’t want to sound too excited. “I am downstairs” he said. She scoffed, “No greeting” she wondered. “Okay?” She said, trying to sound like she did not care. “Come downstairs” he replied. That was Femi, he was the most arrogant young man she had ever come across. “Okay, I am coming”, she replied. Putting the phone down, she went to the kitchen to put down the dinner she was making. She had to admit, she was very scared, she wasn’t sure what he was here for. The thing was that with Femi, one could never be so sure. After that little issue that he managed to blow out of proportion, and all other issues he always managed to create a quarrel out of. “Maybe he has come here to end things” she said to herself. “But why today?” “Lord, no. Not when my mates are receiving valentine gifts, I can’t be getting a breakup.” She said a silent prayer as she made her way down the stairs.  Continue reading Love of a Realist Ep1 [Nike’s Valentine]

“Love without money is like a Tea without sugar” proven by Olarenwaju, Psychology 

A critical look and assessment of Abraham Maslow hierarchy of need hypothesis that human beings have various need. As a youth who has been able to form identity, I believe that our physiological need is guaranteed, in exception of Sex, which has been conditioned by various religious belief as a ‘no go area’ for unmarried People.

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Bants by Illy [Episode3 – Relationship DO’s & Don’t] 

Ever wondered why your relationship isn’t working😢😢, why it’s quick  to hit rock bottom in little or no time😠, why it ends even before it starts? These are questions that deserve answers. Click on this link below and get the me, its worth the time…



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He knocked on the door and waited. And a few seconds later, the door opened and what he saw made his jaw drop. There she was,looking like a goddess in a dress that barely covered her thighs. Stevens brain SHUT DOWN!


SCRIBBLES: WOMAN TROUBLE, Episode 1 By JesuisNaga, Mass Comm


The sun was setting, the cool evening breeze whistled all around him. It wasn’t dark yet but he still had to watch his step. He walked on the streets with a deep frown that  was frightening to people who passed him by. It had been eight months of fighting with his girlfriend. To some extent he had gotten used to it and it hardly bothered him anymore; it was just one of those normal things. But this fight was different. This time he wasn’t going to take her insane accusations and act like nothing was wrong.

“She wasn’t like that when we met” he thought to himself. He remembered the first day he saw her. She was dark skinned and petite, with all the right things in all the right places. But it was her brain he was more fascinated by. Her views on matters were simply astonishing. She was kind and sweet, now she was just a crazy woman he had to run away from. For the past six months she had accused him of cheating on her; of course this wasn’t true. Steven had been faithful to the core, he had cared for her. Some would even say he was the perfect partner. I guess that “perfection” was too much for Amaka to handle and she needed something to stain the perfect picture.
Steven pushed these thoughts out of his head. It was over and nothing was going to change that fact. It was established both in Heaven and on Earth. His mood was brightening up when someone bumped into him. He was about to turn and curse the hell out of this witch. “like did they send you from my village to give me wahala?”
When he turned completely and saw her face he wished he could simply fly away like superman. It was his EX! At this point he was convinced someone somewhere definitely did not like him at all. He was just getting away from one crazy chic and here he was face to face with the mother of all crazy creatures. Juliet smiled in a devious manner and Steven knew he was totally screwed!

By The Edoghostwriter, Mass Comm

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WHY MEN CHEAT, From A Mans’ Point of View by @OlabodeSaygee


An uncle of mine said recently and of course I totally agree with him that, a man wants in his life just 3 things;
1 Full stomach
2 Empty balls
3 Hugh Ego

Well I fully agree with this uncle of mine as a male gender needs just these 3 things from a lady/wife/girlfriend. But what happens when the female cannot give any of the three or is lacking or lagging in one or more?
Well I have an answer already. The male in question CHEATS. You are asking why? Lemme explain.

Full stomach; you cook for him regularly and on time and you cook good food (not only noodles and egg).

Empty balls: you suck, f**k, molest and seduce him.

Hugh Ego; all male have this ego that you need to rub or nurture all by respecting them. Dazall!
But when you don’t do one or more of these, then we tend to cheat. Not like I am supporting a man cheating on his wife or a guy cheating on his girlfriend but the female gender needs to work on themselves as well to be better.
Remove the “what a man can do a woman can do better” mentality from your head.
Need to be more dedicated as men, like women that are dedicated.
Need to be willing to learn.
Even the bible says the woman will support and not that they will be the head so why are you trying so hard to be the head? Women are too stubborn and some will even gladly open their mouth to say it. It is very bad for a lady and it is a Hugh turn off and can cause a man to cheat on you cuz you are always doing what he asked you not to do.
All in all I don’t support a cheating guy but we cheat because of some or all these reasons and more. So please the females work on yourselves. And guys there is no need to be in a relationship with a lady if you are gonna cheat on her, just tell her you wanna be a shareholder in her company, cuz a company can have many shareholders *winks*

Note: If a guy is not in a relationship with you and he sleeps with other girls, it doesn’t mean he is cheating on you, you guys were never together, please get your facts right!!!

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A Short Fiction Story by Onyinye Olufunmi, Yr3, Psychology


The big 3 zero, when you can confidently say “grown woman” and flip your hair proudly. While I’m not 30 yet, allow me to write this from the perspective of a 30 year old woman named Lola. If Lola, isn’t okay, we can change it………  Lola is? Good! Now, allow Lola tell you her story about being a spinster above 30.

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14 Things Only Single People Can Understand


Here are 14 reminders of why you are still single.

*We are free

We don’t have the limitations of commitment. We are free to pursue our dreams or goals… and mingle. We do not let go of our identity easily. We would rather find freedom in who we are.

* We are not ready to settle for less

Being single means you are not ready to compromise quality for demand. You simply want to be the person you want to be and get the best of what you deserve.

* We have a closer group of friends

According to a study, when you get married you suddenly are stuck to providing your partner all your attention. So much so that you may lose your association with other friends. When you are single, you bond better with your friends.
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Valentine Delights: FSS Student’s Valentine Experience

fssgist anticipate
Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. Bottom line, its a day for celebration of “LOVE” chikena. Believe me, you don’t wanna read the history of Valentine’s Day, it’s too long and kinda confusing, so lets just kuku ma go sraight to the koko of this article…lol. Continue reading Valentine Delights: FSS Student’s Valentine Experience