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Love of a Realist Ep1 [Nike’s Valentine]

The phone rang. Nike hurried to get it. It was Valentine’s Day. As she made the dash from the kitchen to the sitting room of her posh three bedroom flat, she could not but wonder who it was. She searched around for where the phone’s sound was coming from. “Femi” she said aloud as she stared at the caller id. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be excited or surprised. It was two weeks since their argument and the way it had ended, it looked like it was the end. “Hello” she said as she answered the call. She didn’t want to sound too excited. “I am downstairs” he said. She scoffed, “No greeting” she wondered. “Okay?” She said, trying to sound like she did not care. “Come downstairs” he replied. That was Femi, he was the most arrogant young man she had ever come across. “Okay, I am coming”, she replied. Putting the phone down, she went to the kitchen to put down the dinner she was making. She had to admit, she was very scared, she wasn’t sure what he was here for. The thing was that with Femi, one could never be so sure. After that little issue that he managed to blow out of proportion, and all other issues he always managed to create a quarrel out of. “Maybe he has come here to end things” she said to herself. “But why today?” “Lord, no. Not when my mates are receiving valentine gifts, I can’t be getting a breakup.” She said a silent prayer as she made her way down the stairs.  Continue reading Love of a Realist Ep1 [Nike’s Valentine]

10 Things That Must Be Fulfilled Before Going Into Blogging In Nigeria.


  1. Have a note book


As surprising as that may sound, you kuku heard me right. Joking apart, you need to have a special note book where records of all important information will be safely kept. Foremost among which will be for keeping your usernames and passwords. Continue reading 10 Things That Must Be Fulfilled Before Going Into Blogging In Nigeria.

GLOBALIZATION A MYTH OR REALITY by Melvin Umunna, Pol Sciences


At last, the long anticipated and much talked about American general elections has been finalized and against all odds Donald Trump emerged victorious against his rival opponent Mrs. Hilary Clinton and he is now the President Elect of the United States of America pending the inauguration ceremony which holds on January 20, 2017. After the unprecedented victory, Trump gave his first speech in which he made an emphatic statement which was “we are taking back our United States of America”. The question begging here is that was America ever in the holds of someone else? However, what can be deduced from this statement is that nationalism is gaining momentum once again.

Earlier this year, the world was thrown into amazement and bewildered when the United kingdom held a referendum as to it’s pulling out of the European Union popularly known as “BREXIT” which was voted by the citizens in a resounding majority.

The call for Brexit was also in line with what I call the nationalistic force or tendencies ravaging even the most developed part of the world.

United Kingdom and United States of America belong to the United Nations Security Council and are part of the super powers in world politics, with the cause of event which have occurred in both countries one can say emphatically that despite the calls for an integrated world system and for a globalization , one can now see that Nationalism can never be shoved aside.

Nations of the world project their national interest through their actions and inactions and these events shaping the two most liberal Nations in world has proven that the effect of Nationalism cannot be overemphasized and that the idea of having a global integrated system may just be a myth and an idea which can never be fully accomplished.

By the way, if we are to engage the idea of globalization, one could argue that the advancement of the world has been due to the tearing of national boundaries and frontiers which have fostered technological, scientific and economic growth. Though the argument has its validity, looking at what the world have achieved through the idea of globalization but the big question here is that can Nationalism be displaced for a more globalized and integrated world?

With the occurrence of these events, one would ask what is the hope of migrants from Africa and the rest of the underdeveloped places of the world into Britain and America? What is the faith of millions of African migrants running to seek greener pastures in the UK and US?

These event would be a defining moment in the African Climate as we seek to redress our political and economic system. The heavy dependence on these two nations by the underdeveloped African state may have come to a halt as even the developed states are seeming to claim back what is theirs.

It time for African leaders and governments to rise from the shackles of underdevelopment, de-link from the imperial powers as suggested by Economist scholar Rodney 1972 and build a strong,productive, virile and United Africa.


Melvin Umunna

Department of Political Science

University of Lagos


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OVERCOME FEAR & ANXIETY- By Aguaze Joshua Idahosa (Now AJIMIC).

It is the last day of the first week in November 2016, and before we move in to the 2nd week of November, it is expidient for me to write on “Overcoming Fear & Anxiety”, because majority have found themselves encapsulated in this 4 letter word called fear which eventually leads into anxiety.  Continue reading OVERCOME FEAR & ANXIETY- By Aguaze Joshua Idahosa (Now AJIMIC).


With the annual International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons (ISOFS) Conference starting next week in Abuja many Nigerians are getting involved in spreading the word about this dreadful tragedy.


Amen [an Excerpt from Law Prays and Praise by Osas, Mass Comm 

Her soul yearned greatly for what it was she could not bring herself to cry for. She had multiple requests but now kneeling in His presence, she couldn’t bring herself to ask, what if the speculations of man matched with that of God’s? Continue reading Amen [an Excerpt from Law Prays and Praise by Osas, Mass Comm