Dare2Dream set to tour 5 major universities this year

Dare2Dream, the televised talent-hunt

and youth empowerment platform targeted at models, performing artistes and fashion designers calling for entries for its fifth season.

An aspiring Dare2Dreamer, Happiness, speaks about why she decided to take her chance at the opportunity which saw winners taking home cash prizes and endorsements from major sponsors including KLM, Imperial Leather and Kinabuti.

“I have always had the dream of working in the entertainment industry because it gives you the greatest exposure. I am glad that I am taking that first step by joining in the Dare2Dream competition”

Meanwhile, two new episodes showcasing what went down in Season 4 are currently on-air with the first highlighting the Class of Dreamers (Masterclass) which had entertainment business experts TY Bello, Denrele Edun, Fela Oke, Noble Igwe. Edewor Ajueshi and Foza Doza, talk to participants at the University of Lagos.

At the Class of Dreamers, Denrele speaks about how he relates to the hunger and the dream and how he strived to achieve this especially during his time in the university. He admitted “I am very fortunate to be here. I feel recognized and celebrated as a panelist on the Dare2Dream platform.”

TY Bello went ahead to emphasize the importance of being a part of the initiative Dare2Dream. She said, “We live in a society that squashes dreams and dreamers. You are always told to get real. But, creating new realities is about encouraging dreamers and that is what will bring new ideas that will help solving the problems we are currently facing.”

Watch clips from season 4 here.

Episode 2 saw the participants being trained by Juliana Davies in Dance and Josephine Eno in modeling. According to Josephine, they are seeking models with talent and charisma.

“The talent has to come with great charisma and this is what I would be teaching these girls” she said.

Watch here.

The Campus Tour which will feature a series of activities will kick off at the Universty of Jos, then roll all the way to the University of Port Harcourt, then Universty of Benin, the University of Lagos and finally halting at University of Calabar.

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