Rape: Two Side to a Story  

This issue of rape that is starting to become (or has become) so rampant is one that is very appalling. It is a virus that is eating deep into our social system and God help us it doesn’t become a headliner. 

But there is something that has bothered me alot on this issue. When we hear rape or a case of rape comes up, everyone is quick to take the side of the supposed victim, quick to point judging fingers on the alleged criminal and rain heavenly curses. But no one is quick to judge the authenticity of the case. No one is quick to  get the real facts. No one is quick to sit down and know what’s true and what’s not. Yes, rape is a very sensitive case and we need to look out for the victims but we also need to go back to our drawing boards and sometimes ask, “who is the real victim?” We see a case of rape and because it is rape we swallow it hook, line and sinker. Automatically there’s already a victim and an accused. Many of us don’t even want to hear the side of the accused’s story. Everyone is quick to protect the female gender (who is in most cases the ‘victim’) at the expense of the opposite gender. We have forgotten that sometimes the male gender might need protection too. From what? Who says a lady can’t cook up a rape story? We’ve heard of ladies trying to tarnish some guys images. But because it’s such a sensitive matter as rape, it’s all about the ‘victim’. I hear stuff like “because she’s weak”, “he can overpower her” and all sort of defences for the supposed victims. These are things that people are quick to point out solely based on the account of one person. We have ruled out the basis of fair judgment: OBJECTIVITY! Because it’s a lady’s point of view we are quick to jump to conclusion and the painful part is that it’s the ladies that do this the most, quick to point out feminism, support for the female gender and stuff like that.

This issue of feminism “in Nigeria” is spiraling into a biased feminine-centric matter that would lead us into a decadence of gender equity. 
Everyone is on and on about fighting for the female gender, support for the female gender at the excruciating expense of the opposite gender. We are shinning so much light on one gender to blot out the darkness on it that we begin to create the same darkness on the other. We have groups and countless groups on support and rights of the female gender but I can count on the fingertips of my right hand how many we have for the opposite. Who’s going to defend the men? We all think they are ‘men’ and can defend themselves, yes, that’s how it was supposed to be until society threw a spanner in the works! The self protection has been taken and torn into shreds. The male gender is no more safe! Society has opened them to blackmail and false accusations all under the umbrella of this rape of a thing and “Nigerian Feminism”. 
All I’ve been saying since morning is we need to be more objective on matters like this because somebody will come and misread everything I’ve been saying since.  I’m not siding any party, God forbid I side a guy who is guilty of rape, the penalty for that should be death and let me be the executor,  neither would I sit and fold my arms because some ladies are actually out to blackmail some guys. Please, let’s be objective, look at both sides, get concrete facts and conclude. We never might know who the real victim might be. 
Rape is bad, blackmail is bad, and false accusation and subjectivity is just as bad.

Kingsley-Ediale Divine 

IG: @the.sope.kingsley
Email: kingsleyeddy98@gmail.com

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