(Unilag) Top Five Amazing place on campus



Established in this is the most popular and unarguably the best hostel on campus. It’s rooms are designed to occupy a capacity of 8 individuals, and it also features huge lockers for students to put their belongings into. Students can choose to add an extra feature by acquiring a padlock in order to safeguard their belongings and ensure privacy. Jaja hostel also has a common room where students can relax, recreate, and feel at ease with themselves away from home. Here, students can watch movies, use the internet with the aid of a wireless router, and watch live football matches during weekdays and weekends thus keeping up with their favourite football clubs.
Another interesting fact about the hostel is that it is home to the renowned “Aganyi Palace” at jaja extension. This is where lovers of the famous Bread &Beans can get to eat their favourite meal on campus. Its widely considered the best place to eat bread and beans on campus.




Most or 70% of Unilag student will consider this place as one of the coolest place on campus where you can get cool air, have a glimpse view of the fishermen on the Lagos Lagoon, and a distant view of different types of cars moving to and fro from the island to the mainland on the popular THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE. Students can be seen here reading, chatting in groups, Lovers can be found here too. During my first semester in school, I do come here with the one who capture my heart” to have some nice time. This place is extremely Beautiful and not too far from the Senate building and also from the Main Auditorium and the Main Library.

Unilag Fss Group chat 20161206_220835


This spartial structure of this building is extremely good. In terms of buildings, This faculty is the best so far. It’s a six floor building therefore has 3 elevators which the student, lecturers and other people do make use of. Although we call it faculty of ART, Department of Geography (FSS) office is situated here and students from the department (Geography department) have their Lectures here. This building has a theater where Student from the faculty do receive lectures and a cool place beside it called THE LOVE GARDEN, Also very close to the Senate Building 




Ok, Lemme start like this “Any unilag student that does not know Sport centre, is that one a student?” LOLZZZ… All Unilag student knows this place wella, as in wella. Here, different sporting activities takes place eg football,  basketball, hockey, handball, judo, Taekwondo, athletics etc. secondary and primary School s within and outside unilag do use this place for their inter-house sports.



This bank recently undergone Renovation making it the finest bank in unilag. Every student will agree to this. This bank is located opposite New hall.

pictures below

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