Woman of Steel. Episode 1

She walked quietly, too quietly, so quietly she couldn’t even hear her own heart beat. She could hear them approach, she could hear their footsteps as they stepped on twigs and fallen branches in the forest.

Her toes bled from running too hard on rocky stones. She was bleeding now but she couldn’t stop. Even if she had no strength to keep running, she would not stop walking.Her clothes were ripped in several places. Her stomach rumbled for lack of food or at least water. The sun was setting, she was going to die. The darkness of the night made them more powerful. Their horns would grow bigger and their fangs sharper. They would suck her blood dry and rip her apart limb by limb , just the way they did to Nyaa.

Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered the look on Nyaa’s face as the chimera ripped her heart out of her chest. This would be her fate soon.

She was weak, so weak , she could hardly hold herself up. She tripped on a stone and fell face flat into the bushes. The pain that surged through her forehead was so deep, she screamed in agony. Her screams echoed through the forest and she knew she had been found. The growls that followed her own scream almost blocked her eardrums. She scrambled to her feet and looked around in fear. There was nowhere to hide. Their eyes glowed in the darkness and she could make out six beasts. Everything she had been told about these beasts were understatements. Their horns were now as large as their heads and their fangs shone like elephant tusks. The growls grew louder and she could almost hear the hunger and hatred in the beastly sounds they made.

Chimeras hated humans, witches especially and that was what she was.

In one swift leap, one of the chimeras jumped on her and knocked her down into the bushes. Its claws dug deeply into her arms and she could feel her skin tearing under the blade-like contact.

The weight of the huge beast was four times her own and she felt the ground sinking under her. Maybe the beast would bury her alive, maybe it would dismember her till her heart could breathe no more, she wasn’t sure.

She closed her eyes and waited for death to come. She would not scream , she would not give these beasts the satisfaction of hearing her cries of agony. She’d bear the tortures and wait patiently for her death.

As she laid helplessly beneath the chimera, she heard a loud growl. This growl was different, it was  authoritative and commanding. Like the sound a bigger and more powerful chimera would make,probably the alpha of the pack.

As if on cue, the chimera pinning her down made an assertive growl and leapt off her.

She opened her eyes slowly, hoping to see all the chimeras gone but what she saw almost made her heart jump out of her chest. Standing above her was a large chimera who was twice the size of the one that attacked her. Its horns were larger with tips as sharp as a spear. Its claws were longer and she was sure one touch from those would spill her guts open.

With bloodshot eyes staring into her being, the chimera slowly lowered on top of her and reached for her forehead.

Finally, she knew why they attacked her and Nyaa. They wanted her powers.

She jolted as the chimera made contact with her forehead with its palm. Lightning crackled in the forest and the silence that followed was like nothing she has ever heard before. Mwan screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt her powers drain from her body.



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