Love of a Realist Ep1 [Nike’s Valentine]

The phone rang. Nike hurried to get it. It was Valentine’s Day. As she made the dash from the kitchen to the sitting room of her posh three bedroom flat, she could not but wonder who it was. She searched around for where the phone’s sound was coming from. “Femi” she said aloud as she stared at the caller id. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be excited or surprised. It was two weeks since their argument and the way it had ended, it looked like it was the end. “Hello” she said as she answered the call. She didn’t want to sound too excited. “I am downstairs” he said. She scoffed, “No greeting” she wondered. “Okay?” She said, trying to sound like she did not care. “Come downstairs” he replied. That was Femi, he was the most arrogant young man she had ever come across. “Okay, I am coming”, she replied. Putting the phone down, she went to the kitchen to put down the dinner she was making. She had to admit, she was very scared, she wasn’t sure what he was here for. The thing was that with Femi, one could never be so sure. After that little issue that he managed to blow out of proportion, and all other issues he always managed to create a quarrel out of. “Maybe he has come here to end things” she said to herself. “But why today?” “Lord, no. Not when my mates are receiving valentine gifts, I can’t be getting a breakup.” She said a silent prayer as she made her way down the stairs. 

As soon as she got downstairs, she saw his car parked just a little further, she walked towards it.  “Baby I am sorry” Femi said as Nike opened the door and sat in the passenger’s seat. She looked at him. His hands were on the steering. She was furious at him for allowing a little argument spoil the great thing they had going between them, but at least now, she could be rest assured that he wasn’t here to break things off. Come to think of it, Femi was always quick to mention to her that he loved her, yet she could feel that the space between them grew with each passing day, and with these two weeks of no communication, the space only grew larger. “At least today February 14, he is here”. She said to herself. That was enough to show her that there was nobody else for now. She really could not help her thoughts these days. She had gone through so many heartbreaks and she was promising herself that this was her last bus stop. She remembered the conversation she had with her friends the last time they hung out at Zygys. She had not minced words in telling them that this was her last bus stop and if this thing with Femi did not work out, it meant celibacy was calling.

“I love you a lot, and I know that I don’t live up to your expectations most of the time, I know I say things that are hurtful when I am angry, but believe me when I say that I have never wanted anyone as badly as I always want you” Femi started. “Yes, I know right. That is why you asked me never to call you again. Like I thought we were done when you said that and hung up on me” Nike replied, this time almost in tears as she tried to avoid looking at him in a desperate move to hide the well forming in her eyes. “I really don’t even know whether to believe you or not” she continued when she finally found her voice. She looked away from him. She just wanted everything to be perfect but apparently, that was too much to ask. 

Slowly tapping her and then turning her to face him, he said “I really have no right to say what you should believe or not believe, but please, I want you to believe me when I say I want to make everything right. I want this”, he said holding her hands. “I want us” he continued. 

She looked at him, and for a moment, he held her stare. “I have a surprise for you” he said, breaking the silence. “What?” she asked. “Wait for it” he replied. The thing about Femi was that he knew how to treat a woman like she was the only one in the world, but that was when he wanted to, which happened rarely. She really couldn’t wait to see what this “surprise” was all about. 

Femi drove out of the compound. “I need your eyes closed” he said. “This surprise though” she said as she laughed and closed her eyes. Femi kept driving and soon he stopped. Moments later, she heard the passenger door open and he held her and led her, putting his hands over her eyes. Towering above her, he was 6ft 1, and so this was not issue for him. Soon, he brought her to a halt, removed his hands from over her eyes and asked her to open them.

Nike could not believe her eyes when she opened them. They were in a park. She was going to be having picnic with the man she loved the most in this world. “Oh my God” she said, she could not hide the excitement in her voice this time, “This is so beautiful” she said hugging him. She looked around, this was the best place in the world. The whole place was calm, serene, away from the noise she was so accustomed to. Finally she had some alone time with her man. Femi’s busy schedule was one thing she always complained about, and now, she couldn’t believe she had him all to herself. It was her dream valentine. 

Coming back to her senses, she realized that she could not show him how excited she was. They still needed to clear up a lot of issues. She could not have him think that this was enough to bribe her into forgetting that they needed to talk. Turning around, she looked at him and said, “I love you Femi,” she started “But all this doesn’t…” “shhh” Femi said, “I know this does not even start to make up for everything I have done, or every hurtful thing I have said.” He continued. Going down on one knee, he said, “I love you too much to want to lose us. I promise to make everything right again. I know I have been pushing you away and I am sorry. I have a lot to think about these two weeks and I have realized that you are this bundle of joy I really don’t want to lose. Tears began to form in her eyes, she held his hand and brought him to his feet. “I was wondering when you were going to tell me to stand” he said and they both laughed. 

They had a wonderful meal, the heart-pouring conversation they needed, played around the park a little and three hours later, it was time to go. Walking hand in hand to the car, Nike was sure she just had the valentine of a lifetime. She was all smiles, and anyone could tell that she had never felt more in love. 

Minutes later, they were pulling up at her compound. Femi saw her to the door, she asked him to come in and once they were inside, he took her lips in his mouth. She had been waiting for this all day. His kiss was so gentle, but it was hot at the same time. When he was done, she was weak at the knees. She wanted him so badly, she could feel her insides burning with desire, wetness starting to form somewhere between her legs. They stared at each other for a minute and when she couldn’t hold it in any longer, she pinned him to the wall, and kissed him, hungrily, violently. Her hands took on a life of their own, she could feel his bulge and when she held it, she felt him shake for a second. Slowly, she moved her tongue to his neck, taking his ear into her lips while feeling for his nipples. She could feel him shudder with every move she made.

Femi reached for his buttons and started to undo them. Removing his shirt, trouser and inner wears completely, he lifted her up and carried her to the bed where he slowly undressed her. She was so hot and dripping when he touched her, he bent his head slowly and put his tongue to work. Nike could not help those soft moans that escaped from her mouth. Soon, Femi worked his hands round her clit and thrust his hand inside her. Her gentle moans became stronger. Femi was driving her crazy with his fingers, she could only imagine what would happen when he finally got his equipment in. He paused to look at her as he smiled “I want you now!” she said. She was burning with passion and all she wanted was for him to fill her.

He thrust into her and with every other thrust, her moans grew even louder. Femi went on and on. For him, it was her day, and he wanted her to get maximum satisfaction. She held on to him like her life depended on it. She was so warm and so tight, Femi wished this would never end. “Baby” Nike moaned, “I love you”. “I love you too” Femi said. Soon, they both reached their climax, Femi collapsed beside her, drawing her close as they both struggled to catch their breaths.

The phone began to ring. It had been ringing for a while. She woke up. 5 missed calls; three from “mumsy”, two from Pastor Ada, one text message from GTBank telling her they had debited N300 for text messages in the last month. She looked at the time. It was 3am, February 15. Femi had not called since their argument two weeks ago.
Blessing Iyamadiken


Photo credit: @smilesfotografi

Model: @yettuunde

Make-up: @faces_by_maw

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