My first year story

IMG-20170116-WA0008.jpg Foreign movies created a fallacy of how university is but really it is not even portrayed accurately even in our locally made movies.    

Everything just seems to be a lie. Nevertheless, my first year story is vaguely narrated in few words. NB: I’m introverted in quite a lot of things.

Pure bliss was what I felt when I saw my name on the admission list. You know how words cannot describe that moment.

University of Lagos ; most Nigerians dream school (don’t even deny it) shout-out to people really in love with Unilag but practice reverse psychology . I applied for psychology and it clicked. I did not know these questions (“can you read my mind?” Did you pick the course?” No, I did not even write Jamb at all. “What am I thinking about?” How is that even my business?) Would come with ‘psychology’ package. Screening and registration were not fun but I was an Akokaite after all so I just had to deal with it. Getting a bedspace was a struggle too. Almost everything in Unilag is honestly. I finally got Moremi (best female hostel) people of the world will call you a big girl because you’re in Moremi and others will think you’re into…. People always have something to say about everything.

I moved in February; matriculation and orientation had happened. Human traffic during matric is indescribable. I was already used to the hostel system thanks to my secondary school. It is really different here. You call the shots, make decisions. Life gets real.

Freshers night; more of freshers gathering and some agbaya staylites gathering. Sometimes I wonder why the night is there if it’s in the afternoon.There are about 50 freshers nite in Unilag (I’m not exaggerating). I attended quite some especially fellowship (j.Rice guaranteed) well, I can’t really say now due to recession. The departmental fresher’s nite was more of a meeting with blaring music and few excuse for drinks. (I did not enjoy it because I am not a fan of loud music and it was ‘dry’ to me) This year should be better.

I was so eager to attend lectures; so much gusto in me until assignments and tests happened. I made some friends along the way, some later became ‘hi, hello’ friends. It happens all the time. Some will still stick around. Those are the keepers.

I went to the library the first few weeks resumption. I later stopped and found better means (know what works for you)

I did mostly of lectures, hostel, fellowship, attended events [meaningful ones] and things like that. They might not seem fun to you but fun is a subjective thing. Reading a good book or seeing a movie alone is so much fun to me. You see.

There is so much hype about how Unilag is a social school or all about fashion. I am not disputing the fact but nobody mentions Unilag is spiritual too. Trust me, if you want to be a social or party animal there is enough room for you and if you want to be serious spiritually you can. (I know you will not see this part)

As expected my first year was not all cake and cream there were some things that I was not happy about but there is always room for growth. I also tried to be Part of other things aside school work. I have met a lot of people in a space of one year. Networking is an important part of human life. It is a free gift anyone should key in especially in Unilag.

Here are few tips for new students and everyone in generally. Sometimes I do not like giving tips because people hardly remember but this seems necessary.

You will get there. Do not feel intimidated when you see people with iPhones, expensive weaves, accessories, Yeezy (mostly fake) and you are managing; it can be sad at times but contentment will do you good. Just have the mindset that everything good will come (not by fraudulent or unacceptable means). Do not feel intimidated when you see people with partners and you don’t want to go into ‘partnership’ business yet. Do not cave  into something everyone else is doing if you know you’re not up for it. Give yourself time. Work with what you have. You can always get better.

Know what works for you. Don’t kill yourself during overnight if it’s not your thing. Learn to work at your own pace. Learn to say no when necessary.

You don’t have to attend every party. It can be really tempting especially if they promise ‘wizkid ‘ will come. If you have important things to do why stress yourself when you are  a ‘whizz-kid’  on your own.

Join a fellowship you can function in , join an organization ; be involved in extracurricular activities. It helps a great deal because you never can tell when you will need it.

Grades. There was a time I almost forgot I was in school to learn. Trust me when I say there are  lot of activities that might totally take your attention but you must never forget why you’re in school in the first place. Even if it is not the course of your choice still excel in it. Never forget your grades. Never.

I am a firm believer in God. So yes, hold God in high esteem. This is my story and God is part of my story. Do not make school allow you push God aside.

Enjoy every day. University is more than just the degree. There is so much in it.

Photo credit: Saka Oladimeji

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