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Happy matriculation Guys!!!

7886 students in various faculty were matriculated yesterday at the University Multipurpose Hall A,B & C into the great university of first choice (UNILAG)
Officials present include;
• Prof Rahmon Bello – V.C
• Prrof Oni – Dep V.C
• Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipo – Academic research
• Dr Taiwo Ipaye – Registrar
• Dr Lateef Alani Odekunle – Bussary
• Dr Femi Fadiyan – Librarian
• Prof Afolabi Lesho – Provost coledge of medicin
• Dr Ademola Adeleke – D.S.A
The deans of all faculty were also present
The Unilag Radio (103.1)fm
Unilag T.v
M.c Lammu nd co

All student categorized by the faculties were made to take an Oath witch reads

On the admission to membership of unilag, I, ….(name),,, sincerely promise and declare on my own freewill that I will give due respect & Obedience to the v.c and other officials of the university.
That I will faithfully observe all regulations which may from time be issue by them for the goog order and governance of the university and my failure to abide by this oath will leads to the forfeition of my studentship of this university

After taking this oath, then we were now being called THE GREAT AKOKITES!!!!

Pictures below

fss kammy






kammy with bae
parents waiting outside
paul (pol Science)




fss bae’s







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