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Finally, all the stress and frustration that comes from write jamb, gaining admission through foundation has come to an end. You are now open to a new world, a new stage, new challenges, new friends, new system, new environment, and a special kind of freedom!
Welcome to University of Lagos, University of First Choice!!!

Let me quickly tell you a little about myself to inspire you. I stayed at home for a year before I gained admission into Unilag for 2years Diploma in Social development and Administration, I finished diploma with a 2’1. Then I crossed over to study Bsc in Social Work, I graduated with a 2’1 also. That’s great right, but all through school, I paid my school fees late, because my parents had to dig it out. There was a point I thought I was going to defer a semester because of lack of school fees, I CRIED, PRAYED, FASTED, but somehow God made a way for school fess, all through. But I also had to live with relatives, friends’ family, squat in school hostel and live with my elder brother. Most of my days in school, I didn’t stay on campus and to be sincere with you, it was tough, there were days I had to trek, days I had to do without food because I had to pay for this and that, I missed three important tests. My first semester was my worst and it was also my best (I resumed late though) because after then, I was set on fire….. I was going to GIVE MY VERY BEST! I had NO EXCUSE to fail….. and the rest is history. My name is Ajayi   Opeyemi and I am an unusual being!

So now you are here, WHAT NEXT?

See, a lot of things are going to happen to you, around you and inside you within the next four years. You will determine whether or not these incidents will make you or mar you. Some of you are already carried away, while some already know where they are going, please don’t just GO through this four years, be determined to GROW within this four years. 

Steps to maximize your stay!


Know why you are in school. You are in school to become educated, not just to come and read and pass exams. Your academics should be given quality attention. Put first things first, then other things will fall in place. Don’t misplace your priorities. Even if you were given a course of study that you didn’t apply for, don’t bother accepting it because you just want to leave the house, rather be committed to getting your best out of that course of study. Don’t come to school and waste your time, TIME is LIFE! maximize the TIME you have now on things that REALLY matter.


If you don’t know where exactly you are going, others will lead you to follow them and you will end up where you did not plan to. So, where do you see yourself in the next four years and which grade do you see yourself graduating with? There are grades and there are grades. Pass is a grade, third class is a grade, second class lower is a grade, second class upper is grade and first class is a grade too. Now, decide which grade you want to belong to. DECIDE what you want in your mind and go for it!  Mr Ayodele Dada, finished as the best graduating student in Unilag, with a 5.0. CGPA, what do you want to be remembered for? What legacy d you want to leave for others?  SEE BEYOND WHAT OTHERS ARE SEEING.

 First Class is achievable because nothing is impossible – Opepurpose 


You Already know what you want, how do you want to achieve it. You want to graduate with First Class, then you can’t afford to get anything less than the highest mark (A) in every course. Which requires that you perform excellently well in tests, assignments, group assignment, mini projects, exams etc. I read that Mr Ayodele was married to His books all through his stay in school. He even mentioned that he never had a girl friend, so what are your own goals. I hope it’s not to know and visit the well known clubs on the mainland or Island –Quilox e.t.c I hope it’s not to visit Yaba market every week, because you won’t have time for that if you know what you are doing? I hope it’s not to have to have a boy friend(s) because I can tell you boldly, now is not the time for that. Life is not a dress rehearsal.  SET REASONABLE GOALS, SET DARING GOALS, SET LIFE CHANGING GOALS.

ASSOCIATION – religion, academics, organizations / groups 

Because Mr Dada was always excellent, he didn’t have to look for friends, friendship was automatic (who no like good thing), and he had the privilege to choose who his friends will be! Don’t be in a hurry to make Friends, Chose your friends wisely, surround yourself with people that will help you, encourage you and inspire you to achieve your PURPOSE in school, people that will help you get better academically, spiritually, financially, e.t.c You cannot be better than the kind of people you surround yourself with. EVIL COMMUNICATION CORRUPTS GOOD MANNERS.


Meanwhile don’t let other areas of your life suffer at the expense of your expense of your education. This is life and it is real! Even though more energy may be directed towards your academics, take every area of your life serious, don’t joke with your health. School is not only for books, you need to be able to make decisions in accordance with your priorities and vision. When you are mostly occupied with important things, you have less time for unnecessary stuffs. You need to know when to study, when to relax and have fun. THERE’S TIME FOR EVERYTHING!

Book alone doesn’t make a man, although it adds to a man – Opepurpose


This one thing sets you apart from the crowd. Do your things differently and in a unique way, because you are in the midst of different people who are trying to please people (others). Don’t be afraid to be a non-conformist, I am One. Be a person of integrity, be Hard working, Be discipline, be focused, let people know you for something positive. People will respect you. You don’t need to do what everyone is doing, you don’t need to dress the way everyone is dressing, you don’t need to talk the way every one dressing. Keep yourself pure, not even till after school but until marriage, you will have enough energy to focus on your DREAMS not boys. BE REAL, BE YOURSELF, BE UNIQUE.

Being a fashionista is great if you have brains to support it, Be an Influencer not just a fashionista – opepurpose


This is the best time to improve on yourself. There are plenty groups and organizations on campus that can add value to your life, and also provide a medium for you to showcase your talents or build your skills/ capacity, join them. You can also acquire skilIs during the holidays: photography, graphics design, catering, fashion designing, anakara crafts, make up artistry and so on. 

i am the outgoing vice president of Unilag Book Club (UBC) a group of amazing young minds that come together to volunteer, lead, study and apply. You can become part of us by contacting: 08188207643, 07088822861. 

READ books – on finances, relationship, personal development, biographies etc – as if your life depends on it! WHEN YOU ARE LOADED, YOU WILL BE NEEDED. 


There’s no better time than now to discover yourself, why God created you, which problem you were created to solve, because you are not ordinary. You carry within LIMITLESS POTENTIAL that needs to be released and UNLIMITEED ABILITY that needs to be Maximized. Purpose discovery made it easier for me to do all the things above: know my priorities, write down my vision, set goals, know the kinds of people to associate with, personally develop myself, have a standard and live a balanced life. 

Four years isn’t joke. Take it seriously… you would thank me Later.


Do Have a Fulfilling Life. 


You can reach me via Twitter @Opepurpose

I.G @Ope_purpose 

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