University Life

When i told people i gained admission into UNILAG

#1 (Random Guy): Ahhhh you don dey go university, sure boy… Parole yapa for that zones mehn… Jaye jaye lomo me *now thinking* ‘scratching head and looking stupid m’ehn bros I said am going to school oo!

#2 (Rich Man: Preferably well learned): Ahh! You are going to the university? How nice…which one? Ans: UNILAG ! Very good choice there… Brilliant of you… I know they have a good track record for producing excellent students… And their lectures (are good)… But I can’t send my child there!!

#3 (Me): I honestly have no idea why I’m going to university… I for like dey house just dey make money… Rather do ‘Mischief Managed’ work… Many of us don’t know why let’s be frank… It just seemed like the only/right thing to do ….
Moving on, I would have really loved to talk about all Uni’s but seeing that I’m a UNILAG boy, I might as well center on UNILAG!! Pardon me! But I have small info about other schools sha!! There is usually a misconception about UNI Life. A friend said “Listen carefully, UNIVERSITY is not child’s play, we don’t have fun and we dey suffer like mad oo” No think am!

He further said
“This is a place where you see a whole caliber of different people…’ A whole lot of different people’. In UNI, there are some random forms of waka-ing ehn!! I mean, you see boys (girls sef dey do their own) walking from one faculty to another all in the name of love.  Uni hostel life: Now that’s where the fun starts)… the adjustment is crazy!! Pips doing what they never thought they’ll ever do e.g. Share bed (bare mattresses in some cases) (I have a friend who once said he’ll never share bed with anybody… Like seriously?? , funny enough he doesn’t stay in school); Soaking garri becomes a regular ishe (Once money don finish, na the next thing be that). Lecturers too are major players in the life of students; if they like you that can go in two ways: they help you or make your life miserable. If they don’t, your own don finish!

Okay, now to the night life: Parties occur like regularly especially at the beginning and end of semesters… And they happen on Thursdays and I wonder *long pause* Why? Like seriously, what happened to Friday na? If I’m allowed to say, UNILAG has the most bubbling parties sha!! I mean even C.U and B.U students show us some love”…

Next, OPPRESSION!! . Take for example:
1) A guy walking his babe to her hostel and the next thing he knows, his guy, his own guy, carries the babe in a ride and leaves him there. That can hurt.
2) You go to a club and manage to buy a bottle of star and someone beside you decides to pop a bottle of Nuvo. Why nah?
3) You buy suya for someone and next thing you know, another guy is carrying her to Ozone….. *deep sigh*

Wooh!! In fact, I give up; I’m going to do Yahoo…

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