New year! New me!


Now that I have your attention. Before you update your status to your usual ‘New year! New me’ STOP and read .

We are all looking forward to 2017 for diverse reasons, Perhaps you see it as an opportunity to ‘change’ or be better but do you really follow through after two days in January? The cliche already is delusional to many because it never happens. Nothing changes. Does it mean I’m against planning for the new year? No! Please make plans for the new year. You might have been desperately trying to achieve something for a while but could be stuck , a new year is an opportunity to rekindle your fire.

For effective planning of the new year . Dream big. Then classify your goals in short and long term goals ;For instance(jan-july),physical, academics, spiritual goals. This helps you focused. Getting better every year brings satisfaction. Effective planning can help you get better. Keep reminding yourself of your goals,write it somewhere you can always see. Be hungry to get better.

No one wants to remain on a spot,we all strive to be better individuals. For that to happen laziness has to be something you don’t even know exists because indiscipline is embedded in laziness which gives a larger room for procrastination. Honestly,we all get the procrastination vibes but it’s time to snap out of it.

I read somewhere that motivation will get you started but discipline and consistency will keep you going. You do not even have to wait till 2017 to start making things happen why don’t you seize the opportunity?

So before you change your status to ‘new me’ genuinely think about it ,at the end of 2017 when you  see another post like this, Will you be fulfilled or will you get sad because nothing changed.

Summary: Strive to be better but put in some work. Joyous new year in advance.

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