10 Things That Must Be Fulfilled Before Going Into Blogging In Nigeria.


  1. Have a note book


As surprising as that may sound, you kuku heard me right. Joking apart, you need to have a special note book where records of all important information will be safely kept. Foremost among which will be for keeping your usernames and passwords.

Honestly speaking as a blogger you would be needing quite a number of passwords and usernames to run your blog. Moreso, as a complement, I’d advise you double save these information in a folder and send to your mail box to keep it updated.

  1. Read popular books


Doing this will help you with the following:

Learn different writing styles and ideas. My reason for emphasizing on popular books is because they gained audience from people due to their being able to provide necessary information. Hence to be a great blogger, you need to read them in other to develop your own ideas and flows. Thereby giving you dexterity in your blogging activities.

  1. Visit the site of successful bloggers:


Visit other people’s blogs especially the popular ones so as to know how blogs are being run and maintained and sustained over time.

For aspiring technical bloggers, visit and study the likes of Techcabal and Techloy;  For those interested in entertainment, news and gossips, Aunty Linda and Naij will do. For travel blogging see nomadic negro’s blog I can go on and on but then pages would be filled. Don’t also joke with forums. Eat Nairaland and nct like you’d do to your first meal when breaking your fasting.

This will save you from a whole lot of troubles. Trust me.

Haven said the above lets go to the main contents of blogging activities:

See the remaining useful tips here here

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