Download Grid Data Manager, an Efficient Data  Management  Tool 

Do you know there is something common to all Smartphone users in Nigeria? The attitude of switching on and off cellular Data. I know we all want to save our data and money but don’t you get stressed out do this?. 

Here is the gist… A team of Nigerian App Developers has developed an app that helps you save you data even why your cellular data remains on. Yes!!! The App is called Grid Data Manager. Grid Data Manager has got so many fascinating features that smartphone need. This includes

Helps save your Data from background Service

Allows you to select App you want to use

Helps you to borrow data from your network easily

Do you know that Grid Data Manager was the first app that has the features of borrowing data?

Join the Data World Today… Lets save data

Download Grid Data Today via here 

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Published by Ayo
Facebook/Twitter/IG: @Stunt247

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