“Love without money is like a Tea without sugar” proven by Olarenwaju, Psychology 

A critical look and assessment of Abraham Maslow hierarchy of need hypothesis that human beings have various need. As a youth who has been able to form identity, I believe that our physiological need is guaranteed, in exception of Sex, which has been conditioned by various religious belief as a ‘no go area’ for unmarried People.

As a student our main focus which is referred to as Safety and security need is important, in order to achieve equilibrium. It is believed that an attempt to move up to love and emotional need will lead to disequilibrium and lack of focus on the Second stage of need. In an attempt to look for Alligator in absence of pepper, it is good to manage lizard.
In this article, I intend to send a message to the guys (male), whose society has given the sole responsibility of providing financial support in a relationship. It is good to be financially buoyant before moving upward to search for Love as a need. To acquire and maintain love can be very difficult and expensive. It is worthy to note that when the security and safety need is yet to be achieved, it is not advisable to move up to the third stage of need. A close observation of people who had been able to move up to  emotional need without the safety and security need has shown to lead to instability and disequilibrium in human life.
This article is thus upholding the intellectual contribution of Professor Ndubusi Nwokoma, of Department of Economics, University of Lagos. Who asserted that Money answereth all things
Sanusi Olarenwaju. 

200level Psychology

Fss., Unilag.

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