Funmi And Tolu Finally Bag First Class In Economics After 8 Semesters!

Ok. Listen up. Before we devour this piece, we need to be clear about something here.

About 15 students are actually graduating with a first-class among our newest economics graduates. They include: Deborah, Iyin, Wahab, Zainab, Shola, Sammy H, Segun, Shina, Joseph, Toheeb, Wasiu, and of course Tolu and Funmi.

But the reason why I am concerned about these last 2 girls is nothing aside the fact that according to rumours, they joined the train in their final semester! Isn’t that worth looking into?

So I quickly stalked them before they blow now and won’t have my time in the future.

I threw just 5 questions (which I had prepared few minutes before the interview) each at the duo and they surprised the hell ‘outta’ me by intelligently handling them.

This was how it all went:

When I requested to meet the duo, Tolu answered first:

TOD: I’m Ogunsola Tolulope Deborah, my friends call me T.O.D.

Funmi didn’t waste any time before backing her:

Hi. I’m Ilawole Oluwafunmilayo, I am 20 and I’m from a family of seven. I’m very chatty and I have a deep rooted passion for Arsenal and I also love food.

Lol… I never knew a girl could love soccer not to talk of being a die-hard fan of an English club.

So I continued by asking how easy it was for them to finally graduate with a first class in their last semesters?

They both wanted to answer together when I signaled Funmi to come first

Funmi: Oh! It wasn’t easy at all. I can remember my first CGPA was a 4.15 and I kept wondering how I was going to bounce back from this, so I had to double my reading. I asked for guidance form Scholar Wasiu and it got better form there on.

TOD: First of all success never comes easy so graduating with a first class wasn’t easy! I had to stay focused, and balance school and extracurricular activities.

When I asked what motivated them the most?

TOD: (took a deep breath before saying) it was the trust her main guys had in her and the doubt other people had too!

This was Funmi’s response:

“Hmmm.  Most definitely my parents. They have always believed in my abilities and so that pushed me to work even harder. And my course-mates also motivated me because I was surrounded by extremely brilliant individuals so it was simply amazing.”

While Funmi was on her response, I though within me that what would even be their state of mind if they narrowly missed out on a first class. So I decided to ask them:

TOD: Hummm, I never for once thought I wouldn’t graduate with a first class (see liver!)

Well, I started my Acca ( a professional course in accounting) early so I guess I would have focused more on that and on revamping myself by learning skills and courses such as digital marketing to make myself more attractive in the labour market. I also have a flair for tech so maybe I might have ventured into that.

I asked the last question in my mind. And that was what advise(s) they’d give aspiring first class students.

TOD: First of all, know God!!! (This can’t be over emphasized!). Secondly, stay focused! Thirdly, friends are very important so have good friends that motivate, push and inspire you. Lastly, read very hard.

With the inspiring revelation by TOD, I couldn’t wait for Funmi’s response and she didn’t disappoint before cutting in her slice:

Funmi said: The greatest asset in school is time management. You can be a first class student and also develop yourself, own a business (I did that lol) and build friendships. Most importantly read hard, be ready to go an extra mile and always involve God in everything you do (God can turn a 69 into a 70).

In order to tap into their anointing, I decided to chip an additional. Lol

What advice will u give to Negro and his clique who didn’t finish with a first class?

Funmi: The sky is your limit and a first class doesn’t determine your potentials. Work hard and keep striving for the best regardless.

TOD: Lol! Negro. See, u don’t have to have a first class to be great.

I got a little bit relaxed, hugged the duo for over 6 seconds each to further dig into the anointing (*winks) before finally letting go.


Special shoutout to Chidinma snd Oladoyin for the reasons best known to me.


I remain your loyal serf phillips Tunde (negro).

I’d sure be back sooner than you’d ever envisage.


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