If You’d Ever Visit Badagry, Never Go To These Places!

This isn’t about me trying to discourage you, neither is it for me to spoil market for these places. It’s rather for them to up their game. Nothing more.

I actually just returned from my trip to Badagry after my trip to Ogun state, and with high hopes, I had enlisted these destinations in my to-go list. But on getting there, I was totally disappointed even though I tried all I could to give my doubts as many benefits remaining in my sad mind.

Without much ado, here they are:

  1. Mobee Royal Family Museum


Thats me at the junction of the Museum

This museum is one of the most popular museums in Badagry. The reason why people actually go there is because it is one of the few available. Below are the reasons why I would never advise any traveler to go there (perhaps until things get better).

  • The reception is poor: On getting there, I noticed that the guys who were in charge of narrating the story behind the museum looked too hostile. They may probably be taking some hard stuff because their eyes were so brown and scary. They also didn’t look serious. They rather were after the money to be made from tourists.
  • It’s too small: Need I say more? Had it been that it was small and well packed, it could have been a different scenario. But it was too scanty also. I just don’t know what to compare it with.
  • The story behind it is lame: You see, all personal museums in Badagry have a story behind their existence. But unlike the other museums I visited, Mobee’s storyline is the lamest and least interesting. There seems to be nothing thrilling about it.

Let me stop there. The second is-

2. Suntan beach


A board showing the gate fee at Suntan Beach

9 out of 10 people will likely mention Suntan Beach first when asked to mention bitches (Oops! Sorry, I meant beaches) known to them in Badagry. Maybe that’s why majority get disappointed after visiting there. Below are the reasons why Sultan Beach is nothing but an overhyped tourist destination.

  • Poor maintenance culture: The management of this beach (that is if they have any) could care less about what the role of proper branding and renovation is. The painting down to the artworks isn’t anything to write home about.
  • Boredom resides there: Unlike its counterparts like Elegushi and Oniru, Suntan Beach thinks it is only during festive periods that they need to pull stunts. Aside from a few houses and other offensive materials which I’m too annoyed to mention, there’s nothing attractive about it again.
  • Lacks Innovation: The fact that Sultan is at the extreme end of Lagos doesn’t mean it shouldn’t borrow some innovative ideas from its aforementioned counterparts. I don’t know what is wrong with them collaborating with potential sponsors and developers. I just don’t know.

Enough said about the above eyesores. Let me tell you some places that made my stay in Badagry worthwhile.


For it not to seem like a one-sided affair, check what another traveler had to say.

however, here are some Places You Must See When Next You Go To Badagry.



featured image credit: travel.jumia.com

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