5 Silly Mistakes That Can Destroy A Fresher’s Academic Life

Even though I’m sure you won’t give me your matric rice (that is if at all you’d even bring), that wouldn’t stop me from congratulating you on your admission.

To be very honest, getting admitted into a higher institution is one feat many look forward to attaining. While some found it easy, it was an herculean task for others, and  more than an herculean task for those who never get admitted. So, congratz once again.

Well, enough of the derailing and lemme go straight to sharing with you those easily overlooked mistakes that could mar your academic life as a fresher.

NB: these mistakes when not tackled on time could make you regret in the long run. They include:

  1. Over-celebrating admission.

This makes me laugh anytime it crosses my mind. (Permit me laugh again…hahahahah!).


over celebrating
photo credit: http://www.muddymatches.co.uk

Many freshers spend too much time basking in the euphoria of gaining admission. They usually believe they’ve achieved what nobody has ever done. While some derive pride in their course of study, others become overly joyous due to the quality of their school. And before they know what’s happening, the semester is finished. Exams will come sooner than envisaged and they’d perform poorly even when they are very brilliant.

  1. Staying too far from school

To many, staying very far from their parents was the major reason why they chose to study in a state far from where their family is. I see no sense in this really. *Just saying

Back to the point, for those who have hostels in their schools, e.g YABA TECH, UNILAG and OAU, it is advisable to stay within the school premises for two reasons:

  1. Security: though we can’t be 100% secured but a student staying in the hostel is more secured than one staying alone in an apartment outside school. You want to know why? Contact me in person. lol
  2. Reduction of stress: imagine you mistakenly forgeting your examination pass in your wardrobe. If you stay within the school, its a problem because it would cost you some minutes to fetch it, but it becomes a bigger ‘Gobe’ when your apartment outside school is like an hour journey. *winks
photo credit: muddymatches.co.uk

NB: if you’d stay outside school, ensure you stay very close to the school.


  1. Choosing the wrong set of friends

Only students in their final year and probably those in their penultimate can understand that 8 out of 10 students don’t end up with the friends they started out with.

wrong choice
photo credit: sachinmittal.com

One of the reasons behind this is when students entangling with the wrong set of friends without caring to know them very well.


  1. Comparing secondary school to higher institution.

This is really funny. Freshers forget too soon that the best of the best were selected for admission during the screening process. What this implies is, the fact that you were the best commercial student in your secondary school means that there are tens of best commercial students in your class in the university.

So if you fail to realize that all of you are equally qualified, that will be the beginning of your end because you might be shocked at your first semester’s result.


photo credit: differencebetween.j

Much needn’t be said about this anyways. Choose your friends wisely.


  1. Not putting academics first


photo credit: keepcalm.co.uk

Be religious, but don’t put it ahead of your academics. Put God first instead. What you should know from here is that putting God first is entirely different from putting religion first.

Shun partying in your first year! I’m sure you might be thinking you can perfectly combine academics and socials but please refrain from partying at least for your first and second year.

Joining associations too are good, in fact very good, but please have your academics at the back of your head every time you make these moves.

As awkward as the aforementioned  may sound, they shouldnt be overlooked.

you’ve been informed!


Phillips Tunde



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