​OVERCOMING BAD HABIT BY – Aguaze Joshua Idahosa (AJI)

If you don’t learn how to control your thoughts, you will never learn how to control your behavior.

Focus on the good habit you want to do, not the bad habit you don’t want to do.
Overcome the bad with good, by ensuring that you eschew every single thought of negativity. 

The most exhilarating achievement is breaking a bad habit. All bad habits start slowly and gradually, and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.
Habits take time to learn, (as posited in Albert Bandura’s Social Learning theory in the field of Psychology). We drift into habits and they become our behavior vis-a-vis who we are, from other people’s point of view. But they do not define who we are because we can change our habits. 
As Stephen Covey says, “Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.”
The habits that took years to build, do not take a day to change. To change your life, change your habits and to change your habit it requires series of  conscious effort, mindfulness, and also self determination (as it is found in Biestek Principles of Social Case Work, in the Field of Social Work). 
Three to four weeks of practicing a new desirable behavior every day is all the time you need to make a new good habit. If you can make it through this initial conditioning phase, it becomes easy to sustain thereafter. Indeed, “good habits are just as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding”.
I have heard people say that they abuse alcohol and drugs to “dull the pain.” In fact, many of these same individuals state that almost everyone they know has a need to “dull the pain” somehow. All these assertion of alcohol and drug use to “dull the pain”, are false statement and habit that is in need of prompt changE by the abuser. (A placebo effect can prove this right as we’ve seen in experimental design, in the field of Sociology). 
Question: Doesn’t life present all of us with pain? 

At the risk of sounding superficial, we need to stop our “paralysis by analysis,” stop searching for “the secret to life,” admit that we are all in some sort of pain, and start developing healthy, fulfilling, and productive actions, beliefs, and habits. By these those Bad habit that we want to change, will bE diverted to the right or good habit.
Written By:

Aguaze Joshua Idahosa

Most Influential Academics, 2015/2016 Session, SOSSA, University of Lagos Chapter.

A Social Worker (in view) Writer, Statistician, Motivational Speaker, Planner, still and ever Learning.

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