With the annual International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons (ISOFS) Conference starting next week in Abuja many Nigerians are getting involved in spreading the word about this dreadful tragedy.

One is Emmanuel Anabueze a 23 year old Undergraduate who loves the internet and is a keen blogger writing for Supreme TV. He is passionate and feels strongly about the subject

Obstetric fistula is Killing and Deadly but with (Operation Fistula) we can and even eradicate the name from the lips of women.

We asked Emmanuel some questions on his connection to obstetric fistula:

How did you hear about obstetric fistula?

I came across this deadly problem from the founder of the movement and since then I have been making research about it and found out that this ailment is even bigger and deadly than what people see it as

Do you think many Nigerians would care about this if they new about it?

Sure Nigeria will really appreciate this since it has a base a trace to the ailment they will be very happy to get information and updates about this disease

How do you think your readers will respond to your feelings about fistula?

My readers will be surprise to see me write about this CUS I believe many of them have not seen anything or even hard anything about fistula so I believe that they will really appreciate this information I am giving them

We are thrilled to have Emmanuel on board with our cause as we’ve argued time and again: men care about maternal health! Let’s not leave them out of such an important conversation.

We will be launching our new GOFERApp at the conference that will make data collection easier than ever before.

Read Emmanual’s blog on fistula here.

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