Protest in Unilag again

A Protest was staged at the University of Lagos gate today by National Association of Nigerian Students JCC Lagos Axis. However most students of Unilag did not partake in the protest. Apparently because of the indemnity form signed by all Unilag students earlier this year.

The Protest was staged in support of the Rusticated Students Union Leaders and some students. The school gate was locked by the School Security personnel so the protest won’t escalate. However, it caused traffic along University road and roads at the school second gate as vehicles had to turn back to pass the school second for entry onto the school and exit also. There was also close to 10 police vans at the school gate in case it wants to turn to a violent protest. 

Some Students missed tests, classes etc cos of the protest as they were not allowed entry into the school through the first gate. Some were actually jumping fence to gain entry and exit the school environs. It was a funny scene. Below are some of the pictures. 


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