Before you go  and Vote for anyone at SOSSA elections tomorrow,  Have this Article by Anonymous in mind. 

“Vote for me!!! Obasanjo is in my back pocket”. 

“Be a wise man and vote team #AdekunleGold, because team #AdekunleGold is the best”.

 “Mayweather once said I am the best man for the job, for that very reason alone vote for me”.

“Change is the best thing for you and therefore you must vote me in as I represent change and I alone will bring about change”.


Hi FSS, and welcome to another brand new season of never ending BCs and false promises about possessing wonderful abilities in delivering SOSSA from it’s never ending “pitfalls” from vying candidates. A season where people only become your friends for your vote and vote alone, and as soon as election results are announced, your name and face floats away from their memory. Where power hungry people and forces feel it is their God-given birthright to control the activities of FSS. A united front is depicted but beneath that front lays rancor and deep hatred. Day in day out, you are flooded with broadcast messages on who is the best man for the job. Confusion sets in, and all the names blur into a straight line. Tis a season where opponents’ names and reputations are slayed and it is validly referred to as “politics”. 


Now this may appear like the tirade of a bitter person-and at the end of the day, it is truly your own opinion-but permit me to paint you a picture of SOSSA politics as I see it. FSS time and again has always been divided into separate factions during seasonal elections. FSS politics is filled with the prideful self-professed “jagabans” of political matters and vindictive people who will do anything to wrestle power from the status quo. On one hand you have a team who charges an expensive amount for you to contest as a bonafide member of the team. So regardless about if you are qualified for the job or not, you will contest and win as long as you meet up with the stipulated monetary requirements. Due to constant success at the polls, this team believes that they own FSS and this belief is gradually beginning to annoy members of the student population residing in FSS. On another hand a team is striving at all costs to tilt the jury towards their side. They think that the supremacy of a department is enough to authenticate victory at the polls. They smear and badmouth the other team’s efforts and opponents hoping that it will in turn yield fruitful results, but so far, power and control of FSS has eluded their territory. This time around however, some candidates are running party or team free and instead are in the race as separate identities especially for key soon to be vacant positions in SOSSA. They hope to work around the faction system and operate faction less in hope of securing victory at the polls

But all and yes sadly I mean ALL have failed to realize the true reasons behind elections in FSS. YOU are the reason. Yes, you. Fine they may claim that they have your interest at heart and outline famous quotes and what have you in their broadcast messages (which by the way is often always colored with grammatical errors) to drive home their pre-supposed point. Nonetheless, to them you are simply a means to an end. Very few Candidates (say maybe one) actually cares what happens to members of SOSSA. Don’t get me wrong. When they started out, they might have noticed anomalies in the system that piqued their interest in the first place, but once they merge with the system they forget their primary motivation and must simply win at all cost. It’s so bad that this type of politics has extended its dubious tentacles into departmental elections. Trust me, the same thing happened last year and now, months later, discord has found its way among present executives. Current executives who are supposedly under a party system are now endorsing candidates outside of their party system, calling into question the credibility of other candidates and the party system itself.  One wonders if perhaps all these endorsements aren’t signs of ongoing discord among the outgoing executives. Those who lost out at the elections last year gave up on all their upheld promises simply because they lost. The same if not worse trend is repeating itself this year. Power hungry people are just purely waiting around to devour you.

The ability to discern the sheep from the wolves is what (I believe) we all need. Do not take everything at face value. Snoop around and make what is ambiguous crystal clear. I am a member of this faculty like you and I have decided that enough is enough. I refuse to be fooled by those who think I’m foolish. I will only vote someone who has my true priorities in their heads and can effectively triumph against all odds with my priorities as a student in my mind. I won’t allow anyone to tell me this is what SOSSA needs. Instead I want someone who will ask me what SOSSA needs. We don’t need “visions” and “dreams”, what we need is Reality and any candidate ready to show me reality has my vote. There is no need for endless and pointless campaigns filled with grammatical errors and misleading prophecies. 


Published by Ayo 



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