Rhymes and bars are all good; but i mean it’s what any one can do. But taking the natural composition of words and bending them to your will; that is the true power of an artiste. Using everyday words to tell a story, to express the emotions that course through the body when penning down words of pain and love.

Alexander Adewunmi Adelabu, more than an artiste, more than a man, but art itself. The artistic incarnate of expression and music; a fantastic combination of the skills of a story teller and a writer. His prowess in the art of rapping thrilled everyone at the mass communication talent hunt competition and his song “MIRROR” touched the emotions of everyone in the hall; a feat that is in fact very hard to accomplish but he executed with ease and grace.
Not limiting himself to the boundaries of departmental glory and fame, Magikz set his eyes on his next goal; launching his EP titled “HUSTLE 24”. After weeks of anticipation and waiting, the time had finally come to launch the EP and once again prove his artistic abilities. 
On the 27th of September, not only did Magikz celebrate his birthday but he made history and launched his “HUSTLE 24” EP to the an electrifying reception. The three track EP has been all over social media and everyone is listening in. From the amazing vocals on “EYIN GAGA” to the fantastic story in “HOLD ME DOWN” to the emotions in “MIRROR”, the EP is absolutely AMAZING.
He is a man, he is art, he is music, HE IS MAGIKZ.

By Naga Avan-Nomayo.

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