The Ambassadors Summit is an annual gathering of Africa’s rising leaders across fields to interact, interface and interchange ideas on how to reposition themselves for relevance and leadership in their chosen interests. Continue reading THE AMBASSADORS SUMMIT 3.0 PRESS RELEASE 


It’s that time of the year again when the entire community of youths erupts to celebrate what has variously been described as one of the biggest dance experiences in Nigeria as Battle of the Year Nigeria (BOTY) 2016 returns for the eighth consecutive year to light up the Nigeria entertainment circuit. Continue reading ​ BATTLE OF THE YEAR NIGERIA 2016 – The Heat Is On!

Official Press Release of the Press  Conference of Wiinning Eleven 2016

​On the 11th of August 2016, the entire Wiinning Eleven team gathered together to host the official press conference ahead of the event tagged “WIINNING ELEVEN 2016”. After a welcome address by the team’s content strategist, Miss Bunmi Oluwasade, a brief introduction of all 4 speakers of the day was done.

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I​n other to live a purposeful and impactful life, you need to maximize your life time.

In our last discourse, I shared on the topic Man’s Greatest Asset: TIME. Which I said is meant to be spent on Productive activities, because a person that wastes time wastes Life.

So how can we can spend or use our time effectively to our advantage? 

I know a lot of individuals who love to spend their time as it comes, no conscious plan, they just want to have fun and enjoy life while it lasts. Nothing is wrong with that but, i have observed that how we choose to spend our TIME is one of the things that differentiate Purposeful individuals from the rest.

Purposeful beings… Know the value of TIMEand that is why they have results to show for it. We all have the same 24hours daily to spend, how and what we spend it doing will determine how the value of our lives will be measured.  In order to maximize TIME you need to:
1. Set goals

When you have something you are pursuing and going after, you will want to work on it before the set time and it will make you focused. When you know where you are going, it is easier to get there. Set yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly and even daily goals… Setting goals give you a sense of direction!

Planning and organizing is what you do first before you do anything. Planning is an attempt to move from ‘Now’ to ‘Then’, to change things from ‘The way Things Are’ to ‘the way Things Ought to be.’

 When some of my course mates see me with Sticky Pad, in their minds they are like this lady is too serious, one of my friends even asked if I do forget things, and I was just smiling because they believe that people who plan their lives do not enjoy themselves, which is a very big lie. Intstead planning enables us to have more time to do things which are important to us. If you want to have results, you have to plan. Succes is is not luck, it is when preparation meets with opportunity. Planning has more to do with ideas, organizing has to do with things.

3. Focus on What’s Important

Some things are important and urgent, some are urgent but not important. You need to learn to focus your time and energy on important things, things that matter most. This will enable you not to waste your time on less important things. Focus on developing yourself, learn new things…

*Creating a daily to-do-list should be a habit and always endeavor to do the important things first. Make sure you complete your assignment, report, write that article first before seeing that movie, the movie will always be there, you can always create time to see it but assignments, report have a deadline.

4. Avoid Procastination \ Distractions

This is probably one of the most common challenges human beings face. “I will do it later’, ‘I will do when I have time’, ‘I will do it do when I feel like.” There’s never a perfect time to do anything worthwhile, the right and set time is NOW. For instance, whenever I am writing or reading, I hate disturbance or distraction, I will forget my next point or line immediately.. 

Whenever you set out to do what you plan to do, avoid anything that will make it take longer than expected and do it at the right time… Don’t postpone till tomorrow what you can do today

5. Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

You become like 5 of the people you spend most of your time with. What will determine where you will be five years from now are: the books you read, the places you go to and the people you associate with. Spend time with quality people, you can’t asoociate with extra -ordinary and you remain ordinary. Build quality relationships relationships with people that share your values. 

I believe that with this five points you now know how to spend your time wisely and maximize it to the fullest. 

Let this be your motto:  I will value time and make THE MOST of it!

If you have learnt something from this post, do share with others. 

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SOSSA Sports Festival 2016

Talking about integration, we all know sports is a great tool to get us bound amidst emotional purgation.

That is why SOSSA is happy to bring to you, the SOSSA SPORT FESTIVAL 2016!
Yes! We’ve got loads of exciting sporting events to get you enthralled. This year’s festival promises to be a great deal you don’t wanna miss. Get ready to get blown away!
The SOSSA Sport Festival will feature games in:  Continue reading SOSSA Sports Festival 2016

​Unilag for Humanity Pic-Fic Series: Of Memories and Musings By Nanya Kooper

“But is this all there is for us?” His friend whispered under his breath, his tone full of disdain. You couldn’t blame him really. His heart and mind were still reeling, trying to make sense of his current situation. He let out a deep breath as he turned away from the game. His eyes focused on the life around him, his mind lost as he absently took it all in: the cries of the little girl tugging on her mother’s dress to get her attention, the drunken moans of men getting their daily fix of cheap alcohol, the shouts of drivers as they hurl undue insults at one another, busy movement of the people. All lulled him deep into his thoughts. Continue reading ​Unilag for Humanity Pic-Fic Series: Of Memories and Musings By Nanya Kooper

Check out A Video of a Thief that got caught at Fagunwa Hostel, Unilag 

​An adage says that “every day for the thief and one day for the owner” Thieves have been terrorizing Fagunwa hall for the past two months. Yeah!  Continue reading Check out A Video of a Thief that got caught at Fagunwa Hostel, Unilag 


Spixels Act- Glover, Also one of FSS Unilag finest, Mass Comm Department 300 lvl to be precise finally Releases the so much anticipated Cover Of Kiss Daniel’s “Mama”. This Mouthwatering Jam is one that will keep you to your headphones! We so sorry that Due to Tech Issues, Its Out a Bit Late But it’s definitely worth it.