Head Bursting!!! Check Out What Popoola Damilare (200 level Psychology) Thinks About Fear


With no doubts, this is a major factor in decision making. Most decisions are influenced by fear, ask me how?
Well fear influences most decisions we make either trivial or nontrivial.
Fear can be defined by me as a sweet uncontrollable or unpleasant emotion that is caused by an actual or perceived threat or danger, well actual fear is most times regarded as phobia, only that it is rather obsessional or irrational about something in particular. Funny enough science has listed over 100 phobia types, the number keeps increasing daily.
Well fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger as defined by “psychology today”,  if we do not feel, we cannot fear.
Could fear be positive ? Yes fear could be positive, fear is needed in some aspects of life, most times we need a little bit of fear to get work done,fear could be used to overcome certain situations, for instance a friend is scared of failing a course, the fear in that case helps tell your brain you need to work more on that particular course, that is positive enough or even the fear of not being able to do something might just be the positivity you need in getting it done because most people try to overcome their fear, fear only becomes a major problem when you let it get hold of you, there is no one without a particular phobia, just always find a way to overcome yours, so I would like to share some few tips on overcoming fear:
Firstly you would have to be able to define your fear type; this would enable you to get rid of it faster because you only get rid of what you know
Depending on the kind of fear you posses for example if you are scared of being in the dark (achluophobia) because you actually think about ghosts and all, you can always  imagine fear as an unrealistic part of life, by so doing, you help yourself and your mind In seeing fear as an abstract part of life which requires little or no attention
If your fear can be confronted, you can also try to confront it but this only works when the fear has to do with a person. Most times, constant confrontation can lead to victory even if there might be failures while confronting
Fear is most times confused with fate there are lots of instances whereby people are unable to get task done because of their fear for it but they always end up blaming it on fate, you own your future, you decide what your future becomes, so never be scared of taking risks and remember there is no such word as failure until you stop trying,”Do not make your fear of what could happen make nothing happen”.
Well fear also serves as an opportunity, it helps us identify our problems earlier and look for ways to solve them, fear is essential as much as it is not, always try to bring the positive side of fear, as I would always say, “positivity is key” .

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