Check out this Erudite Brain Bursting poem by Solomon Oladipupo, A 100 Level Mass Comm Student (Ode to the Greatest Akokites) @ULSUunified


University of Lagos, Citadel of Excellence

A place of preachers and teachers of diligence

A great institution, the heartbeat of Lagosians

Goliath of Nigerians, Giant of the Africans

The University of First Choice


Geared by Captains who speak her Voice

The Nation’s Pride

A moving force on which you can have a delightful ride

Your pulchritude elates my soul like an erudite

Hot and bubbly like a powerful dynamite

Home of opportunities

Yes, if not taken away by frivolities

Producers of great achievers of enviable enthusiasm

Source of the first African Pulitzer

Award Winner in Journalism

Your superb sight takes my breadth away up to the sky and scrappers ways

Walking through you, to and fro, to and fro,

Make me gay

Like one lost in thought along the margin of a bay

from your lagoon steaming like a cataract


with excitement

to the agile monkeys chattering and gyrating to our merriment

I, forever will thank my stars!

for bringing me here, having crossed over irons and bars

here I’ll polish my stars to shine bright!

University of Lagos, My choice, My Light

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Posted by Ayo
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