15 Picture That Perfectly Depicts Nigerian Students Who Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Their CGPA

i stumbled upon this very funny article on a website like dat sha. this article perfectly depicts Nigerian Students who have a Love-Hate relationship with their CGPA…Enjoy and Laugh Away.

1. When someone says their CGPA is low, but it’s really high compared to yours.

Is this one stupid?

2. When you come out of the exam thinking you’ve done well, only to hear other people’s answers. So you start calculating your expected CGPA.


3. When you’re counting all the courses you can’t afford to fail, and all the hard courses are there.

Why’s this happening?!

4. When you’re trying to apply for something, and you see only 2:1 and above.
i am not my cgpa

Walahi I am not my CGPA.

5. How you feel about people that say CGPA is not everything.

Give that man a prize!

6. When you see the best student in your class crying after they see their result.

*silently dies*

7. When you fail the one course you expected to pass.

I can’t win.

8. When the lecturer says it was a mass failure.

I know I’m not the only one.

9. When you check your CGPA and it’s lower than before.

10. When the pastor starts declaring 5.0 CGPA for everybody.

Pack your blessings! Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen.

11. How you state your CGPA to your friends, when they ask.

Please. I’m a gentleman.

12. When you get 44 and the lecturer didn’t add that 1 mark for you to get an ordinary D.


13. When graduation is near, so you start wondering what it would take you to go up a class.

How many A’s do I need? Chai.

14. When your parents ask you to explain your CGPA.not my fault

Walahi It’s not my fault.

15. When God shows up and your CGPA is higher than you expected.

YASSS! (Dancing Shoki)

Pls Share until it reaches The VC…Lol.

SOURCE: Zikoko

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